What are the admission charges?

Day Noon to 5pm 5pm to 11pm (advance ticket)
Thursday 7th Nov Free entry £13*
Friday 8th Nov Free entry £13*
Saturday 9th Nov Free entry £13*

*Advance ticket price. Pay on the door : £15

Thirteen quid for an advance ticket??

Well let us explain what the £13 is and why.
The £13 comprises three items:

  • £5 admission – this gets you in the door and supports the running costs of the festival.
  • £3 glass – you can hire a glass for your trip to the beer festival. Pay £3 and we’ll lend you an interesting historic glass from Stoke Beer Festival of long ago. When you leave, return the glass and we’ll give you back your £3.
  • Alternatively, you can buy this year’s commemorative glass for the bargain sum of £3. We can’t guarantee there’ll be any left when you get here so come early if you want one
  • £5 token – we include a £5 token to get you started at the beer/cider/bottle/gin/key-keg bars

Do I need to buy an advance ticket if I’m arriving after 5pm?

No – you can pay on the door. However the entrance price will be £15 (£5 admission, £3 glass hire & £7 beer token). Plus you may have to queue to get in and your admission can’t be guaranteed.

But why £13 ( or £15 ) in the evening?

We’re always much busier in the evening session and want to reduce the bottle neck of people getting into the venue caused by and queuing for glasses and then tokens. A single easy transaction speeds you in and gets you to the refreshment of your choice in double quick time.

What if I bring my own glass?

As long as it has duty line indicating 1/3, 1/2 pint then great! You can take the glass we give you straight to the glass return counter and get £3 back.

Is there a discount for CAMRA members?

CAMRA members that arrive after 5pm with a valid current membership card will receive a £3 voucher.

Where is the festival?

In the Spode China Halls in Stoke town center. The entrance has moved to Church Street

What are the opening hours?

12 noon – 11pm on Thursday 7th, Friday 8th & Saturday 9th.

Can I buy advance tickets?

Yes Here! Advance ticket holders can use paper or e-tickets displayed on a smartphone to get in and will be in a fast-track queue.

How do I get to the festival?

Trains to Stoke-on-Trent rail station – 

There are only 3 platforms at Stoke rail station, it is best to exit on platform 1.


The Taxi rank is situated alongside Platform 1, note the rank prices are premium 


You can walk to the festival from the Rail station (platform 1, exit turn right) takes approximately 10 -12 mins.unless you pop into the Titanic Bod at Stoke train station, and/or the Glebe which you pass to Kingsway just after the Town Hall, cross through Kingway Car Park leaving past the White Star, turn right past the Weatsheaf (Wetherspoons) 100 yards to your left is the new entrance of the Stoke Beer and Cider festival  

National Express 

If travelling to the Festival by National Express, you will arrive in Hanley (City Centre) Bus Station stand A or B (depart from the same bus stands) 

Travelling from Hanley Bus (City Centre) Station 

From stands, ideally stand S catch the First Bus 21 (or 23 also stand T can catch the D&G No 14 and also stand V for First bus 25) to centre of Stoke town, cross the road for the Wheatsheaf (Wetherspoons) 100 yards to your left is the new entrance of the Stoke Beer and Cider festival  

If you venture into Stoke Town centre from the Rail station or Hanley Bus Station you have Stoke Bod (Titanic) in and out of Stoke Rail Station, The Glebe (Joules), Glebe Street, The white Star (Titanic), Kingsway, The Wheatsheaf (Wetherspoons), 2 mins from the festival entrance, close proximity to Stoke town centre are a couple of good ale pubs, Staff of Life (Joules), Hill Street, The Olde Bull and Bush, Hartshill Road and London Road Ale House.


There will be loads of real ales; real ciders; a KeyKeg bar a Foreign Beer bar selling a selection of 20 draught foreign beers (draught and bottled beers including lagers). There will also be a selection of gins, wines, meads and and soft drinks from the Gin bar

Why do I have to pay to get in?

The cost of putting on a festival of this scale is very significant and admission charges go towards covering just some of the outlay on things such as venue hire, heating, toilet facilities, bar equipment and bands.

Do I have to buy a glass?

No. You can if you like buy a commemorative glass like these {along side} at £3 each. You can hire a Stoke Beer Festival glass from yesteryear for the duration of your visit for £3 – which we’ll return to you when you return your glass to us.

How can we pay for our drinks?

For cask beer & cider with pre-paid cards available in the venue. The gin, foreign beer and key keg bar will accept contactless card payment.

How much is a pint?

We only sell beer and cider in 1/3 and 1/2 pint measures. The prices vary by brewery and beer.

Do you sell drinks in thirds of a pint?

Yes, glasses are marked for third and half pint measures as well.

Will there be a programme available?

Yes. There will be  programme.

Will all the beers in the beer list be available at all times?

We will endeavour to have the greatest range of beers on at all times but reserve the right to keep beers from sale due to them not being ready for drinking. The range will of course diminish as beers sell out.

Do you sell Lager?

There will be a selection of premium world lagers available at the Foreign Beer Bar.

Can I bring my own beer?

No – soft drinks only in plastic bottles.

Can I bring children?

Yes, we welcome families – under 18’s will be happily admitted with a responsible adult but will be required to leave by 5pm.

Will I be able to buy food at the festival?

Yes, there will be a wide variety of different hot and cold foods encompassing cuisines from around the world including vegetarian options.

Is there a smoking area?

Yes, there is a designated smoking area.

What about dogs?

Sorry. Only assistance dogs are allowed.

Is there live entertainment?

There is a varied programme of live music covering most sessions – see the what’s on page for more info.

Will I have to queue to get in?

Not for long and if you buy an advance ticket you have guaranteed entry.

Do you offer corporate packages?

Yes we do – please get int touch for more details {corporate link}.

Do you still need bar staff?

Yes we do. Our volunteers are unpaid and work tirelessly all year round on all aspects of the festival, from planning, setting up to taking down. We are still recruiting volunteers to work in all areas. Sign up now!

Are you on Twitter and Facebook?

Yes – please see the social media links at the bottom of the page.